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During the instrument course Maestro De Massis gave us a lot of tips, in particular about our professional future. During the Orchestra and Quartet course Maestro Piovano has immediately caught our attention focusing on the interpretation of the pieces through our imagination; at the same time Maestro Piovano focused on the technical aspects in a proficient way, giving us the best indications to improve ourselves. The lessons were a great opportunity for me to improve, but I have also appreciated the efficient organization of the Masterclass.”

Ms Barbara Ciccone, Alumna of the first Masterclass “Musica Infinita”

<<How many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man?>> It’s simple, to reach you goals you need sacrifice and hard work. I want to describe the experience with Maestro Piovano with a song, because music is a language full of meaning. We were lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a great Maestro, and he used this time to open our minds: <<L’immaginazione è più importante della conoscenza>> (Imagination is more important than knowledge). During the Masterclass, music was a journey in our minds, and everyone of us worked to feel this journey.. it was truly touching: thank You Annalisa, Giulia, Michele.”

Ms Simona Storelli, Alumna of the first Masterclass “Musica Infinita”

Giulia, I would like to thank you for giving us this thrilling opportunity. The course with Maestro Quarta has opened my mind, giving me the desire to learn and grow.  About Maestro Piovano, he gave us the opportunity to work in an unique way. Again, thank You Giulia and Michele for organizing this Masterclass; and thank you Gabriella, because I felt your presence during the final concert.”

Ms Giuliana de Siato, Alumna of the first Masterclass “Musica Infinita”

This Sunday I would like to write to you Giulia, Michele and Gabriella: I am truly grateful for the Masterclass experience. I learned a lot: how to concentrate, how to feel, how to breathe together with the Orchestra. I believe that we are gifted, and Maestro Piovano helped us develop, and changed completely our approach to Music. It is difficult to describe Maestro Piovano: he touched our hearts in an unique way, and we started to walk together through a new path, the Music Path. I strongly believe that this course helped everyone of us grow, recover our energy and find our equilibrium; I hope that everyone of us will continue studying and loving music in the same way that inspires you everyday in organizing experiences like this. Forever with you Giulia, Michele, Annalisa.. Thank You.”

Ms Graziana Galiulo, Alumna of the first Masterclass “Musica Infinita”

The beauty of making music is living it in different ways, everyday. This experience with Maestro Piovano was unique and full of emotions. I hope to see him again as soon as possible, because not only did we an incredible job together, but also we shared unique feelings: we were surprised of breathing together while playing.. that’s amazing. Thank you Giulia and Michele for your light, your love, your hope. And thank you, Annalisa, for your patience, your support.. and that pat on my back! I wish this will never end.”

Ms Arianna di Savino, Alumna of the first Masterclass “Musica Infinita”

Shivers run down my spine, each note comes out of my soul. Emotions and Beauty: Infinite Music.”

Ms Gabriella Altomare, Alumna of the first Masterclass “Musica Infinita”

Thank you for this unique experience that contributed to realize our dreams. This is only a taste of what will come, and this experience will help us work on music more and more. I hope there will be another Masterclass like this one.”

Ms Gaia Raffaele, Alumna of the first Masterclass “Musica Infinita”

I frequently had the opportunity to play music, but not to make it. Maestro Quarta, Maestro de Massis, Maestro Polidori and Maestro Piovano finally gave me the possibility to make music in my town, leaving a seed in me and in my colleagues. Now, we have to decide if we want to cultivate this seed, or throw it away.”

Ms Cetta Annese, Alumna of the first Masterclass “Musica Infinita”

Thank you all for this inspiring experience: it’s uncommon to work with amazing artists like Maestro Quarta, Maestro de Massis, Maestro Polidori and Maestro Piovano: they were able to squeeze the best out of us in such a short time. We worked exactly in Gabri’s way, paying attention to details and constantly trying to improve ourselves.. Gabri can still teach us a lot. Congratulations again for the organization, I hope I will have this opportunity again next year.”

Ms Eliana de Candia, Alumna of the first Masterclass “Musica Infinita”